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For pilots who are enthusiastic about flying for leisure and eager to experience breathtaking aerial views of Miami, we provide an excellent opportunity to rent our Cessna 150. This classic aircraft offers a unique way to explore the skies and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Miami from above. Whether you're looking to enhance your flying skills or simply want a memorable experience, our Cessna 150 rental is the perfect choice.





EnvySky understands that building flight time is crucial to pursuing a career in aviation. Aspiring airline pilots now need a minimum of 1,500 hours. That's why we offer affordable aircraft rental rates, including package options for 100, 300, 500, and 1000 hours.

Our well-maintained fleet of Cessna 172s are available for training, travel, and recreational flying. Come build your flight time with EnvySky and take the first step towards achieving your aviation career goals.




EnvySky is committed to helping you achieve your aviation career goals. Our well-maintained fleet of aircraft can place you on the fast track to success.

Looking to build flight time? EnvySky's fleet of well-maintained Cessna 172s can accommodate your needs. Our time-building programs are unbeatable with shared time-building rates, aircraft availability, and pilot availability. We offer hour-building programs ranging from 100 to 1000 hours of shared or solo time building, anywhere within the contiguous United States.

Time Building Packages

Cessna 172

Shared Time Rates

Copy of Flyer - ENVYSKY (1).png

***Minimum 50 hours for packages

Solo Time Rates

Copy of Flyer - ENVYSKY (2).png

***Minimum 50 hours for packages

Airplane Above the Clouds

Looking for a partner for your shared flight time?

EnvySky can provide one. Contact us for more information on how we can help connect you with a compatible partner.

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